Why to play Roulette and What makes it interesting

Why to play Roulette and What makes it interestingEach game starts with the Croupier spinning the wheel in one direction and the ball spun with it in the opposite direction till the Croupier stops. You can’t place more bet once the Croupier begins to spin till next round. The ball stays with the particular number will only decide your luck to win or lose. Roulette is the game where player need to select single number (pocket) from group of numbers (pockets) ranging from 1 to 36 including 0 and 00. It is up to you whether you choose odd numbers or even numbers or even a single or multiple numbers. You can put your money on multiple pockets but, luck will be at one side only either even or odd or any single number or limited numbers. So, what makes roulette more interesting? The most perfect answer is the chance to make more money efficiently than other games. You can put as much money as you can helps you to earn fast.

How to play Roulette?

There are very simple rules to select the pockets and to earn accordingly on your winnings. These are as follows –

  1. Single Number Bets (also known as Straight Up Bets) placed directly inside a numbered spot which helps you to earn 35 times through a single coin.
  2. Two Number Bets (also known as Split Bets) placed on the line between two adjacent numbers. It helps you to earn 17 times through a single coin.
  3. Three Number Bets (also known as Street Bets) helps you to earn 11 times and placed on the leftmost side of a row of 3 numbers.
  4. Four Number Bets placed on the intersection between four numbers on the table which provides you 8 times profit. For example, you can place bets on 0,1,2,3 at the same time and only available on European and French roulette.
  5. Five Number Bets includes 0,00,1,2,3 at the same time and available only on American roulette. It is considered as worst bet in the entire game due to unfair payout. You can avoid it.
  6. Six Number Bets (also known as Double Street Bets) placed on two rows of three numbers on the table layout and it gives you 5 times profit.
  7. Column Bets cover an entire column of 12 numbers, top to bottom and winning bets pay 2 to 1.
  8. Outside Bets are those bets which made outside from the main numbers grid and it includes –                                                                           i. Dozens Bets means to place bets on numbers 1 through 12 or 13 through 24 or 25 through 36. Winning helps you to make double of the invested amount.                                                                                                                                                                                                              ii. Odd or Even Bets where you can invest your money on even or odd numbers and zero or double zero will not be counted. It helps you to make double.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      iii. Red or Black Bets where you can bet on either red numbers or black numbers and helps you to make the double.

There are many more games in the Casino to make good money. All you need is to play sharply to be winner. While Roulette in the Casino is the most favorite one of the players choice due to it is easy to understand and play. With the help of internet or smart phones, you can also play roulette unlimited without losing real money or you can invest money with comfort through digital technology. If you still have any question then, you can comment us or contact us without any hesitation.

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