Why Baccarat - King of the Casino
History of Baccarat

Baccarat is renowned for its glitz and glam. It is an elegant game which started in France in the late 15t century, thought its original name then was called Chemin De Fer. The game was French nobility due to the high cost of printing the cards in those early days of the printing press. The game was then introduced to the Americans through European immigration. From here it was then taken to Las Vegas in the 1950s and was introduced among other popular casino games such as the Craps and Blackjack. Then later in 1980, came the mini-baccarat. It was designed to help make the game accessible to masses of players. The regular baccarat pits have a higher limit than most of the other casino games. If you make high stakes baccarat pit in the flip-flops and tank-tops, you will mostly be asked to leave and come dressed in a more appealing manner. This is not the case with the mini-baccarat. Remarkably, the Baccarat online is for every gambler and does not prefer those swimming through rolls of cash.

Online Rules of Baccarat

This game is ideal for gamblers who do not have to spend days remembering a thousand rules. With the Baccarat, there are no different hand values and complicated side bets to memorize. Hence, players of all levels will feel at home and be free to enjoy themselves as the rules are fairly simple.  In fact, there is a very short time for decision making as what happens on the game is usually pre-determined.  A player will only require the basic numeracy skills and be able to know the three bets you can make, and there you are, set for hours of enjoyment. That’s the reason, Baccarat is known as the King of the Casino.

The Baccarat Table

The numbers outlines at the edge of the table usually indicate the number of players. In a regular Baccarat table, you have 14 numbers marked 1 to 15, but skips the unlucky number 13. Above a player, you will see three boxes marked on the table, the first box closest to the player being the bet box, the second-the banker box and finally the tie bet box in the far end. The player can choose any of the three boxes to place their betting chips.

The Baccarat Gameplay

The goal of this betting is to get as close to nine as possible, as the nine is the highest hand. The croupier, or dealer, will only deal with two hands faced won first to the player, then to the bank and at times may call for a third card. This is regardless of the number of players in the game. Baccarat allows a maximum of up to 14 players. The players bet for the banker or player to attain a total close to nine or a tie. The player chooses how he would like to bet and how much he wants to place.  An 8 point is called the Le Petit while the natural 9 points is called the Le Grande. With the cards of equal value, the game is treated as a tie and is also over.

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