Keno Casino Game

Keno somehow feels like playing bingo and the lottery at same time. On a ticket with numbers from one to 80, players have to bet before twenty numbers are randomly drawn from a ball cage or the Random Number Generator. The payout is calculated based on how many drawn numbers match the participant’s picks, and how high the wager was. This game is very simple and it can be played and enjoyed by anyone, even if you don’t have any experience.

Quick Keno game walkthrough

  • The game objective

You want to choose as many of the same digits as the drawn Keno numbers as possible. This is where this activity is similar to bingo or lotto. Pick your spots on the ticket, and after that the Keno numbers will be randomly picked out. What you are aiming for is to see is the matching of your chosen numbers to the Keno’s selection; the more digits that match, the higher the winnings.

  • Choose numbers

The numbers you are picking to play with are called Spots. A Keno card usually offers 80 spots and you have to choose from one to ten digits, but there are also Casinos that have the option to pick twelve or fifteen spots per event. Once the winning numbers are known, it all comes down to how many spots you catch, and how much did you bet to get the payout, which also varies form on casino to another. If you play online, you can actually see the changes in the payout in real time, depending on the number of spots you chose.

  • Choose a bet

Gamblers normally tend to stick to a lower bet for a more chosen spots and episodes, while some still like to take a little bit of risk and choose lesser spots and races for the money they put down. The wager is meant for the number of races, for example if you bet 1€ and select ten digits, but one race only, you are wagering 1€. When you make up your mind on the amount of money you want to wager and how many episodes you want to play, stick with what you decide as your personal Keno strategy.

  • Payouts

There are a lot of factors to take into account here, not to mention not all the casinos have the same payout scheme. Casinos calculate the pay table by the number spots you pick out, and how many digits you actually catch. This is multiplied by the rate of your original wager to the base ratio of the pay table.

It might sound a bit complicated, but everything there is to know is that the payout varies depending on how many chosen digits match the drawn ones, and how much money you put on a ticket. The more spots you choose and the more numbers you catch, the higher the payout; it is as simple as that.

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