How to Play Poker Game and What Makes it More Interesting

As other games of Casino, Poker is also a game based on your luck and celerity and with it, you must need to understand the things going on carefully with complete dedication to earn good amount else you can lose the win. This game can be played by ten players on table and we are representing basic rules with six players to understand how to play poker game. Firstly, each player has two private cards. There are normally four rounds in the poker game –

  1. Preflop Round
  2. Flop Round
  3. Turn Round
  4. River Round

In preflop round, two players are need to put money while remaining four don’t need and first player can put small money known as Small Blind while next one need to put big known as Big Blind. After it, the person seated in front of the Small Blind has three options. He can call which means to put the money same as the big blind or he can raise which means he can put more money comparatively to big blind. The last option for him is to fold which means he decided to be out of the game. In this way, remaining three players also have the same options serially. Once everybody contributed the same amount of the money then, the chips will be moved to the center of the table and the second round will begin.

In flop round, the three community cards will face up or we can say added in the table and each player can use their two private cards with three community cards to make five cards poker hand. After it, it’s Small Blind player need to act who had three options. He/she can check which means not to bet money or he/she can bet by putting some money in the middle and the final option is to fold which means out from the game. Similarly, remaining four players have two options either fold (to be out from the game) or call (to put money in the table) and once everyone contributed the same, the third round begin.

In turn round, one more contributed card face up in the middle of the table like round second and player can select five cards among from the Six. The complete process in the third round is as same as second round and once contributed the same money, it’s time for final round to begin.

The final River round adds one more contributed card in the center of the table and player can select five strong cards among from the seven. After it, it is similar like second round and once contributed same amount. It’s time for each existing player to show their cards in the showdown and whoever has the five best cards in the poker hand will be poked (win all the money) and the rest will lose. That’s make the poker game to be more interesting to play which enables you to earn huge amount in a single game. All you need is to invest little and earn huge if you had luck or smartness. With luck, it is important to select your cards smartly to win the round. You can play poker game online without investing real money to enjoy your time or you can invest money on real site to earn real digital cash. Play online is the great facility to complete the game with comfort and hassle free which could save your money and time smartly.

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