Craps Online Casino Game - Best Ever to Play

Casino games, and more so the online games popularity is reaching a fever-pitch nowadays. The social networking sites motivate people to play the online games more than the real world casino games. From the poker, slot machines, and the blackjack, their many variations are taking over the virtual world. But one casino game that seems to be left on the other edge is the craps.

Crap is a casino game where players bet on an outcome of a dice roll or some dice rolls. With craps, players can also make wagers against each other, what is called the shooting dice or street craps, or with the bank,  called the table or casino. The craps are popular in most casinos in the world, Las Vegas, Europe, Asia, US, etc. the game is exciting and fast-paced.

Casino vs. Online Craps

Most of the gamers say that there is a complete difference between the real world casino and the online version of the craps. Everything that makes the game exciting on the casinos is sucked out of the online versions. For instance, the excitement players get is usually from rolling the dice. Lots of players have developed strategies with wrist shakes and hand flicks that help them control how dice can roll on the table top. That physical aspect of the craps can never be felt with the online gameplay. Also, you do not have a tactile experience on the dice and also no definite hand techniques which players believe they can hedge the odds to their favor.

The casino option of craps also gives players a fun atmosphere when playing with a crowd of groaning, cheering, muttering, players crashing on individuals from every side as they try to move closer to the table, the experience is the best.

Why craps?

Once you learn the gameplay, which is not hard at all, there is the only dice to use and one shooter at a time. The shooters goal is simple-roll a 7 or an 11 on the come out roll while avoiding the 2, 3 or 12. If the player rolls any other number, she sets a point. The goals changes, she will need to roll the point before rolling a 7. The simplest of the crap game is when the player bets on whether or not the shooter will succeed or fail. This type of bet is called pass/don’t pass bet. The subsequent bets also have the come/don’t come option which treats the subsequent rolls as new come outs.

It is also easy for a player to avoid the high edge bets and stick to the simple bets on the table. Where the player sticks to the come/don’t come or pass/don’t pass, she will be facing a house edge of 1% or less. This puts the game at par with the blackjack. But unlike the blackjack, you do not need to know any strategy when playing craps. The only essential strategy is avoiding bets which have a high house edge, focusing on the low house edge.

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