Casino War

The Casino war is perhaps among the simplest games. It resembles a children card game where every player pits one card against the other, and the card with the highest value wins. Cards are valued depending on the face values; 2 being the lowest and ace being the highest. The game is played with 1-6 standard 52 card decks. It also provides an option for the online players. The decks are shuffled after every hand.

Apart from tie side bet, the house edge is based on the player conceding half of the bet on ties, or a double to get you to war and only receive even money on the original bet when they win. Depending on the number of decks on the play, the house edge always goes to war when under 3%, while surrendering raise the house edge to 3.7%. The difference is due to the player winning the game if it’s a tie.

A good option for the beginners to play Casino War Best Card Game

Considering that not a lot is said into the War game, it is a good option for the gamblers who are just entering the industry, and anyone who likes it. The only time the game becomes different and offers less or more than 1:1 is when it results in a tie. In the event of a tie;

  • You can surrender
  • Or go to war

When players surrender, they receive half of their bets. For those who opt to go to war, they have to match the bets again.

Once you place your card on the game, the dealer discards cards and the 4th will be placed up for both players. The highest card wins. If the game results in a tie, the player is paid 2:1

Optimal strategy to win in Casino War
  • Never play tie side bet
  • Always go to war on a tie
  • Where possible consider playing a game which offers double tie bonus
Where to play the Casino War game

The online casino game is made by the Microgaming and is based on the popular kids game, known as War. The modified adult version has a recognizable format while giving a nostalgic feeling to it.

Serious and dedicated gamblers like this game due to the percentages and no complicated strategies needed. The beauty of it is the simplicity of the game as newcomers can win the game same as the one who has been playing for years.

The tie wagers are also available for the online gamers. If the first two cards tie, the wager pays 10:1. If the player’s cards to not tie, then they lose the bet, but the normal bet stays unchanged.

The war casino game takes no skill to play, is a real gamble and provides much fun when playing.

The double tie Bonus of Casino War Bet

Some casinos offer bonus where the player wins money on both the original bet and the raise when the game results in a second tie.

Tie side bet of Casino War Gambling

Players can also make additional side bet which wins if the hand dealt results in a tie, the side bet as said earlier pays 10:1, but this undervalues the chance to get a tie and hence considered a sucker bet which is designed the house edge.

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