Caribbean Stud Poker

If you are a casino fan, then most probably you’ve heard of Caribbean Stud Poker. If not, you have heard of its twin, the Texas Hold Em Poker. The Caribbean stud is not only popular but a very enjoyable game which offers a lot for the players to learn.

It’s going back to the basics, to the origin of stacking ad gambling. It’s going back to the roots of poker. A game of chance, strategy and a game from which idiom poker was derived. For the card fanatics, Caribbean poker is your game. It gives every gamer the same traditional poker experience only that it doesn’t offer the bliff element.

History of Caribbean Stud Poker

Most thought of this game to have first been played on a cruise liner in the Caribbean. However, the true origin of the stud poker is a topic that has and will always be discussed in many poker player dinner tables. There are many versions regarding the true origin, but none of them has shown proof of where the game initially began.

The gameplay of Caribbean Bet

With this game, instead of playing against other players, you play against the house. Nevertheless, all poker elements of Two pair hand and Royal Flush apply. The game strategy is to raise a pair or higher or folding smaller than the qualifying hand.

Here, five cards are dealt with between the dealer and the player. The player’s cards face up while that of the dealer is shown. The player may choose to remain in hand by pressing the call button which doubles your bet or folding. The hands are then compared according to high standard poker. The dealer will automatically lose if in his hand, contains an ace or a king. If the dealer does not qualify, the player gets 2/1 on the ante, and the remaining bet is returned. The dealer will win when his cards contain an ace or a king and have a stronger hand. A draw will return the stake to the player.

The game manual of Caribbean Stud Poker

A royal flush is the highest hand and gives the best payout. One pair is the lowest payout, and it gives you even money. Since with this game you are playing against the house, the house will at all times have upper hand. In Caribbean stud poker, you can only play one hand in a round. The game will involve five cards with no substitution. There are no real tips to win this game, but it is a straightforward card game and gives you a glimpse into the dealer’s hand hence better decision for the greater win.

Jackpots of Caribbean Gambling

One advantage of Caribean gambling us that it offers a progressive jackpot. If your card contains a flush, you will at least win a $50 bonus. If you are lucky enough to draw a Royal flush, you win the entire accumulated amount. The odds of pulling royal flush on a five card draw is approximately 650,000:1. This explains why its possible to hit a million dollar jackpot from as low as 1$ bet.

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