Better chance of flush with 3 Card Poker

This game makes on the top 10 casino games, not because of the low house edge but because most gamblers have fun when playing. In fact, when it comes to odds, it can be termed as among the worst on the list. But the odds are not that terrible.  Three cards game also have other perks which also will make up for the high house edge in some ways.

The game comes into two versions, traditional and the casino poker. With the traditional one, you compete with other players, while for the casino poker; the house banks all the action. It’s similar to blackjack; you just need to beat the dealer, and not necessarily the other players on the table.

Of course, with a game which uses three cards, the odds of getting particular hands change a bit, which make the whole game experience awesome. It is easier to get straight, a flush or a straight flush when you only need three cards to match.

Assuming you want to determine the probability of getting a flush. Here, this is an AND question. The 2nd card needs need to be of the same suit as of the 1st, AND 3rd card has to match the suits too. In probability when the question uses AND’ you multiply the probabilities of the separate outcomes to get the overall probability.

To keep matters simple, let’s estimate the odds without taking into account the cards already dealt with. There are four suits, and hence the probability of picking any card is 1/4. Hence, ¼ x ¼ =1/16 is a reasonable approximation for the odds getting flush on this type of game.

In a five-card poker, the odds would be; ¼ x ¼ x ¼ x ¼ =1/256. This shows the magnitude in difference of probability, and how three card games provide a better chance of a flush.

With this game, the house edge is around 3.3% which also makes it worse than when betting on European roulette but with small differences. But it’s considerably better than the American Roulette which hosts a house edge of 5.26%.

The hilarious time for every player is when the maximum number of players, usually ten, gets into the game. When everyone at the table has placed antes into the pot, the play begins. The players will deal with three cards and must decide whether to play or to fold. Most players choose to fold as is very difficult to pair with this kind of poker.

The pot is then carried over to the remaining hand when everyone at the table folds. When one of the players decides to play, then the person wins the pot regardless of what they had. The money in the pot can build quickly as there is no other card available to the players than the three that are dealt. As a result, this game can quickly turn into something similar to a race to the finish between the horses at a local track.

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